Bridge Mergers and Acquisitions


CPAs Know What's Best for Their Client – We Can Help with the Process!


At Bridge Mergers & Acquisitions, we specialize in working with CPAs like you. When your client is ready to leap to exit their business, we can help – no one knows the financial side of the client’s business better than you do. You’ve seen them through the great years of prosperity, as well as the tough times. Their business is a significant source of their retirement, and if the sale doesn’t go right, it could be catastrophic. 

With over 30 years in the accounting and financing world, we understand how to guide this transition with minimal risk. We understand confidentiality, locating and prescreening buyers, navigating due diligence, and arranging financing for buyers to reduce your client’s uncertainties. Our goal is not just to sell a business – this a journey to ensure your client is taken care of.

As an added benefit, we have a referral program for CPAs. For example, a CPA received $32k for the calibration business he referred to us. Join us in this rewarding, significant process. Contact us today at (704) 488-4292 or via email.