Buying a Business? Bring Your Resume.

Buying a Business? Bring Your Resume.

By Jordan E. Thomas

When you buy a business your due diligence process will include the evaluation of profitability, market viability, and even your personal interests. Am I going to make any money? Are people still interested? Is this going to create a better quality of life for my family?

Here’s a secret about buying a new business:

Your bank wants to know you’re the right buyer and will take a look at your professional history (including your resume) to make sure it’s a good fit.

Your bank wants to know if you’re an auto technician trying to buy a restaurant. Unless you can show all those hours of watching Iron Chef are going to help you, the bank is going to wonder why this business makes sense for you to acquire.

A business broker, or intermediary, will help qualify your options and make sure everyone wins – you and the bank.

Stay ahead of the curve and draft a resume that makes a case for you as the optimal buyer.