I can get out with all cash?

I can get out with all cash?

By Diana L. Miles

Timing is everything. And it may not matter more than during the sale of your business.

Most business owners are selling their business to experience more freedom and don’t want the burden of risking their “nest egg” by acting as the buyer’s bank. You probably have friends or family who have sold their business in order to retire. They financed the sale for the buyer and had plans to rely on those future payment streams as a large portion of their retirement income streams. Unfortunately, they ended up with nearly nothing as a result of the buyer’s default.

Sell at the Right Time!

By working with our clients and advising them when to sell, virtually ALL of our owners have been able to receive all cash at closing. At the same time, virtually none of our buyers pay all cash from their checking account.

How can this be?

  • With the business owner, we look at certain trends of their business and recommend timing of the sale.
  • We analyze the buyer’s financials and determine creative methods to purchase the business which exclude seller financing.
  • We connect the buyer with proven lending and funding sources to access money to purchase the business.

If getting an all-cash deal is a priority for you and you’d like to learn more about strategic timing, email Diana at Miles@BridgeMergers.com.